My Music Album "Night"

2021-11-14 flujoo music

Here is my first music album Night. It is a dark ambient album written for solo piano, which describes images and emotions related to night. This album has not been completed yet, so I present here only the first four works. The audio files are generated by Logic Pro.

Prelude Midnight


It is midnight. The grandfather clock in the living room is ringing. You are transitioning from wakefulness to sleep.

Prelude Moonlight


The moon over the sea is blurred in the clouds. As the waves get stronger and stronger, the moon looms out.

Prelude & Fugue Street after Rain


It is two o’clock a.m. You have just got out of a bar and are now walking on a street. It just rained, so the pavement is wet, reflecting the lights. You are a little drunk. You feel chill, comfortable, and wistful.

Sonata A Rainy Night


It is late in the night. A cold wind is blowing outside. You feel it is about to rain. An unsettled feeling reminds you of a similar night many years ago. Faces in your memories are so unclear. What is left is only a feeling of suspense. You remember you felt cold, confused and frustrated. Where are they now? You ask youself. A heavy rain suddenly comes down and soon stops. Then there is only an ominous silence.